Monday, February 9, 2015

Pinspiration Monday - Vintage Hair

I'm getting my hair cut later this week, so hair is on my mind! I've been so lucky to have my long time friend (we've known each other since middle school!) cut my hair for several years now. It's been great to have someone I know I can trust to deal with my naturally curly hair, to go with me (and has the training for curls!) when I want to go natural, and to go with me when I'm feeling like doing more vintage styles and adapting accordingly. This week is my last cut with her, though, because she's moving across the country! I'm going to miss both her talent and having a regular excuse to catch up.

I'll probably do a more detailed post about my cut after it's done, but basically I am going to be asking for a cut specifically meant for pin curls and vintage styles, so in the meantime here are some of the lovely styles that inspire me. :-)

I have to start, of course, with Marilyn!

Jayne Mansfield
Ava Gardner
Betty Grable and June Haver
Some modern gals with vintage style!

 And finally, here's a diagram with different style icons from back in the day, and what cuts and pin curl sets to do to get their look, isn't this cool?
Looking forward to my cut this week, I'm sure there will be a blog with before and after shots coming up. :-)

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