Saturday, January 3, 2009

Scrap Organization!

So I had scraps coming out my ears, all different sizes and colors, and I got the sudden urge to organize them all! I need certain sizes for tissue holders, certain sizes for notebook covers (my newest item which I'll post about soon!), and I can use the smallest little scraps for cards. But I hate digging through scraps, unfolding them, figuring out how big they are and what I can use them for, and just generally making a mess before I even begin. So I decided to separate out the different sizes and organize them by color.


I got a few of those storage containers that snap together (I LOVE those, SO handy!) and made three different groups. The first is the one seen on top, in the top box I put all my blank cards and envelopes, and in the bottom box are scraps separated into plastic baggies by color. Delicious!!

Then I made a box for the tissue holder scraps.

On top are ones that have been cut out and fused together, they're ready to be sewn. The box below that are scraps that have been cut and matched together, but need to be fused and sewn, and then the two boxes below that are various scraps arranged by color.

The last box is the one for notebook covers.

In the top I have paired up fabrics that are cut and ready to be sewn, along with interfacing cut to the right size. The rest of the boxes are all just scraps arranged by color!

Aaahhh...seeing a place for everything and everything in its place just makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside. :-)