Monday, February 2, 2015

Pinspiration Monday - Pencil Skirts

I'm in the middle of making my first pencil skirt! I usually stick to big, full, swishy skirts since they are so fun to hide behind, so a pencil skirt is definitely outside my comfort zone! But I think the problem for me has usually just been the difficulty of finding one that fits me well everywhere. With full skirts, I only have to worry about the waist fitting, while a pencil skirt needs to fit the waist and hips and rear, not to mention the question of length.

Speaking of which, I have to admit a little bit of a pet peeve when it comes to modern interpretations of retro fashions. For some reason modern sensibilities appear hardwired to chop off any length below the knee. I want to cry when I see this, lol, because so often it ruins the gorgeous retro lines of the clothes! I mean, chop off a pencil skirt a few inches above the knee and it could be any tubular straight skirt from the 90s. If people want to wear a simple straight skirt, that's cool, but I never understand when they claim to love a certain retro fashion, and then just change it into something unrecognizable as retro. Why, people, why?

Anyway, back to pencil skirts! I especially love a pencil skirt with a high waist that extends below the knee, it just elongates the body beautifully and makes legs look like they go on forever! Love it! So while I'm finishing up my first pencil skirt (which is PINK, yes!) here are some variations I find inspiring. :-)

High waist and perfect length, looooove.

Love this high shaped waist, and the buttons.
So tempted to add a bow at the vent in back on mine!
 This might be a tad more A-line than pencil, but I love the combo of the polka dots and the sweet ruffle, would love to recreate this!
Gorgeous pleat details!

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