Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Teal Polka Dot Tea Dress - Butterick 5603

A perfect opportunity arose to jump back into sewing after the trip with a tea party last weekend! It had a candy theme and the invitation said to wear a colorful dress, so I started looking through my stash, both for which pattern to use and which fabric.

I settled on Retro Butterick 5603, view C, and decided to use the last bit of teal polka dot fabric I had for the top part, and a great lightweight, slightly stretchy cotton blend for the skirt.

The skirt went together fairly quickly, the longest part was covering aaaallll those raw seams inside with rayon seam binding! But it's worth it, I just love a pretty inside! I added a pocket, of course, though it wasn't in the pattern.

The bodice ended up taking a bit longer than I thought it would, just because it was a bit brain-twisting to keep straight which part was the front, which was the back, which was the left, and which was the right, as they all looked so similar.

They also overlap, and some of the parts are sewn only to the outside and not the lining, some are left was definitely a brain bender at times! But I got through it, and I think having done it once it would go a lot more quickly if I decided to do it again.

I did add about an inch to the very front of the bust, as I felt it was just a tad high on my larger bust. I hand picked my side zipper, attached it all, and finished off my hem the morning of the tea party. :-)

Then I went and had a fun time tasting teas and enjoying great conversation. It was only then that I came home and took pictures, so my apologies for all the wrinkles! This was after driving for quite a while in the car, which didn't help. I wore this cropped gray sweater with it, I love my cropped sweaters!!

I definitely like the pattern, especially the shape of the skirt and the way it falls!

I think this is the first skirt I've done with paneling like this? But there are several other patterns in my stash that use it, I'll certainly be interested in trying them out after the success of this one.

So I already met my Vintage Pledge goal of 5 projects, but I'll go ahead and add this to my list for the year. :-)

Monday, August 31, 2015

I'm Back!!

Wow, so August came and went!! It was a busy month spent preparing for the Scotland trip, travelling, competing in Scotland, and then recovering from the trip. I'm glad to be home, and back to sewing. I have lots of sewing plans for fall, it's my absolute favorite time of year! I especially look forward to the cooler weather and clothes that come with it. :-)

Here are a few shots from the trip!


We were walking by this store, and as we approached I thought, those can't be old sewing machines can they???

And they WERE!! Wall to wall sewing machines on all three sides of the store!!

And finally, the reason for the trip! My pipe band, Silver Thistle Pipes and Drums. 


Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Red Pindot Tent Dress - Vogue 8807

This is another dress I made for a trip to France, this time it was for our trip in 2014.

In Burgundy, modeling my new bottle opener which happened to match the red pindots.

This is Vogue 8807, a very simple dress, essentially a kind of tent dress that you can cinch with a belt.

There's a belt included in the pattern, but of course you can use a store bought one just as easily.

It's fully lined with a light white cotton, and had pockets on both sides!

It was an easy make and a cute dress! Unfortunately, I didn't have quite as much fabric as I needed to make it longer, so it's just a bit short for my personal preference. (I like those pasty white knees covered!!) So it's going up for sale in my Etsy shop. :-)

Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Pinspiration Tuesday - Rain Bonnets

Running a bit late with my Monday post, mostly due to preparations for the trip! So as I was planning for the trip to Scotland and trying to anticipate appropriate attire for lots of rainy days, it was recommended to me by an online Scottish friend that I pick up a "rain mate." I had to google...and then fell in love! Also known as a rain bonnet, it's just a plastic little head covering to wear in the rain, and it used to be something ladies carried around in their purses to pop on when needed!

I'm always amazed when adorable and functional items like these suddenly disappear from cultural awareness. I mean, sure, ladies don't generally have to worry about pin-curled hair, and I don't really need this in Texas (when it rains here you can't really walk around in it, as it's usually torrential rain or nothing, so a plastic bonnet won't do much!) But I just love the concept, especially as it makes big bulky dripping wet umbrellas less of a necessity.  I went looking for any place I might find one, and I may even end up making something similar to take with me. I'll be sure to share what I end up doing! In the meantime, here are some lovely examples, both vintage and modern. :-)

The style above used to come in these tiny adorable boxes!!!
Here's a modern reincarnation! If I'd had time I would have ordered one, but no such luck!