Sunday, August 13, 2017

1930s Inspired Summer Outift

I had so many plans for summer outfits, but so far this is all I have managed to get done. Fortunately, the skirt especially has become a summer staple. It seems like every time I wear this I get tons of compliments, one day I went out and literally every person I spoke with mentioned how much they liked it, including my dentist, lol!

It was really quick and simple to sew up as well, using McCalls 6993 version B. While researching this pattern, I found several examples of version A which is adorable and fabulous, but I wanted something a bit quicker and simpler, so I chose version B.

The top is a mish-mash of the very simple and popular McCalls 7542, and the top tier of ruffle sleeves from Vogue 9243. I had to add a little bit more shape and length to the McCalls bodice since the boxiness wasn't super flattering. I just wanted, again, something fairly simple and quick or I would have just gone with the princess seamed Vogue bodice.

I used a lovely floral stretch denim from JoAnn Fabrics for the skirt, and cotton coral eyelet for the top. I underlined the eyelet for the bodice but not for the sleeves. The color of the eyelet was a bit difficult to capture, it kept turning out more orange looking in the pics, but this one is pretty close to the real color.

With the underlining it ended up a little bit heavier than I hoped, so I haven't worn it much because it has been so hot! I'll probably wear it a bit more in the fall and winter, the sleeves are so much fun!

Untucked so you can see the whole thing.

Of course I added a pocket to the skirt, and I encased all my raw edges in Snug Hug on the inside.

I wore this on our road trip to Santa Fe which was great!

I think the skirt will be one I pull out again and again because it's comfy and easy to wear! Once it's a bit cooler I hope to wear the top a bit more.

Friday, June 23, 2017

New Aprons!

I'm excited to show you a couple new aprons I've just finished! It's been a little while since I've posted, and last month I decided to shut down my local booth at Austin Gift Company because I just haven't been able to keep on top of stock lately. The good news is I hope to be shifting a bit more focus back on my Etsy shop! So I've been sprucing things up there, and have plans for more to come. I decided to give all my aprons names as an easier way to keep track of them, so they've all been Christened now. ;-)

First up is actually an apron from a pattern, B6304. This is the first time I've used a pattern for one of my aprons, but I saw this bodice/bib and really liked the way it fit around the bust so I wanted to try it out. I will probably adapt this a bit into my own pattern, but wanted to try it straight the first time! I named this one PENNY!

Next is an apron that is directly inspired by some vintage pattern art, #1 in red here.

I wanted to try this because I love the fact that it's apparently just a big giant square of fabric turned diagonally, trimmed with lace all the way around, and gathered a bit at the waist with ties added! I'm always enchanted by how simple flat shapes can become so interesting, how 2D becomes 3D. I named this one JUNE!

These are up in my shop now, I hope to have more available soon!

Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Butterick 6203 - A Valentine's Day Dress

Finished this dress over the weekend, a few days after Valentine's Day, but oh well! I got to enjoy my lovely pink roses while I sewed. :-)

I'd seen this bright, happy floral cotton lawn at Joann's a while ago, and I thought it would be perfect for a pink dress for Valentine's Day! But it was a little pricey so I decided to pair it with a more economical Valentine's Day cotton.

The latter is a bit wrinkly in the photos, as cheapy quilting cotton can be, but oh well. I love the little hearts because you don't really notice that they're hearts from far away.

I used Butterick 6203 for this dress.
 It was a quick make, the bodice fit me well (it has cup sizes so that's always nice). I had planned on adding the sleeves, but they ended up a little snug and I didn't feel like altering or fidgeting with the pattern, so I just decided to use some bias binding and make it sleeveless.

I'd love to make this again in all one fabric, I like the shape of the skirt and the fit of the bodice. It's comfy and practical, there are pockets (always pockets) and I think works well with vintage or modern styling which is always a plus. I had the perfect pink flower to wear with it this time. :-)

So another month, another dress, yay! Maybe I can keep this up...

Monday, February 6, 2017

Steampunk Belle Dress & Accessories

Just finished my latest project, another commissioned steampunk dress. This time it was Steampunk Belle from Beauty and the Beast! My client gave me lots of input about what she was looking for and I came up with this sketch.

I looked around for a pattern that could serve as a base, and decided on McCalls 7050.

The pattern was very straight forward and simple to put together. I added a bit of chiffon to the bust, and raised the cutoff along the bottom a bit to match the sketch.

The skirt used quite a bit of fabric! Fortunately this silkessence fabric was very light and pretty easy to work with.

I played around with placement of the chiffon wrap around the hips and sleeves before proceeding.

Once I was satisfied, I added a petticoat underneath, which added that volume I was hoping for!

Then I started playing with pickups on the front, as well as a fabric rose embellishment.

Finally, I was able to start adding the final details. One was the Belle "swag" on the skirt, which took me a little while to figure out. I had planned on using the chiffon, but when I tried it out I just didn't like how it was hanging, and found it distracting.

So I went with the same gold fabric and liked that much better.

Then I added the sleeves, and started adding the steampunk details with gears and such at the center bust, on the swag pickups, and in the center of the rose.

And then she was done!!

I also made some gloves to go with it, using McCalls 7397 as a base.

Now, we had talked about these being made of brown lace. Guess what I couldn't find anywhere?? So first I had to dye some lace, which worked perfectly!

The pattern again was simple to follow! I added more steampunk details, and also a lace ruffle around the edge, based on details the client wanted.

And finally, I made a fascinator using more of the dyed lace, some of the gold fabric, some tulle, gold feathers, and more steampunk accessories. This was SO FUN to make and makes me want to make more!

And that was it. She'll be wearing a corset over the dress, which will be great, I'm looking forward to seeing the whole thing together!