Wednesday, February 18, 2015

My Vintage Middy Haircut


Have you ever had a haircut where you suddenly feel like, yes! This is the hair I am supposed to have! Well I'm pleased to say I think I finally have that cut.

I've been toying with the idea of getting the actual middy cut for a while now, reading all the blogs of others who have done it, watched youtube videos and more. (Just Google it and you should find quite a bit!) The only thing that kept me back was knowing it isn't a wash and wear style, it needs to be styled and shaped. But, I've been wanting to do vintage styled hair more regularly, and I knew this would push me to have to do pincurls more regularly. So, I decided to go for it!

As I mentioned on my Vintage Hair Pinspiration post, I was lucky enough to have my long time friend as my hair dresser for many years, but she's moving away! So I thought it would be fun, for my last cut with her, to go a little crazy and go for the true middy cut. I sent her an overload of info the week before my cut, lol, with videos and links and diagrams, and explained what I was looking for. She did an excellent job of extrapolating from that what we needed.

I came in with my naturally curly hair brushed out, it tends to do a little flip on the end. The cut I've had for a long while is an inverted bob, longest in front. Here are my before pics!

This is how I'd pretty much always wear it, pulled back.

Because of this cut, it was a bit shorter in the back at the nape of my neck than the traditional middy, which is about 4 inches and longest in the middle, so we just had to work with what was there. What I have is probably closer to the Baby at this point, but I plan on growing it a bit longer. Mostly, I wanted the rounded shape towards the front, and blunt layers for the pin curling.

We had a good laugh during the cut as the super straight across, blunt layers looked a little crazy unstyled, especially in my thick, course hair. But once we were done with the cut, I actually went ahead and did a dry pin curl set (with some spritz of water here and there) and sat under a heater to set it a bit. Then the fun part, we took it out. I LOVED the results, the curls fell just as I had always wanted them to without much effort at all.

I took these pics as soon as I got home!

You can see the drastically different shape compared to my inverted bob here!
This was the next day

And then that night I did a wet set of pin curls (not completely wet, of course, just damp after having washed my hair.) My hair really loves to hold onto curl, so I knew these curls were going to be pretty tight, and therefore short.

I was not wrong, lol.

It felt SOOOO short, but I love how easy it is to just take out pin curls and voila, curly vintage hair!

Another great thing about this cut, PERFECT hat hair (in a good way, lol.) It's flat on the crown so a hat will sit just right without smashing curls. Yay hats!!!

I'm still playing and learning what else I can do, but overall I'm so so pleased with this cut, and with how it takes the pin curls. I really feel at home with this cut, it feels like me! I love it!


Anonymous said...

This haircut really suits you. You look fab!

Stephanie said...

Thanks Elena! :-)

Kristin said...

Dang! So beautiful and versatile. I have serious hair envy and kind of want to whack off my 'fro!