Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Today's Vintage Finds!

Today I went with my Mom and aunt to a super fun antique mall where we drooled over many vintage garments and patterns! I just love the potential treasures in a scene like this.

Above my head not far away were these lovelies!!

And this was my haul after all was said and done. :-)

Not a bad day!

Monday, March 28, 2016

Apron Pinspiration

I've been neglecting my booth at Austin Gift Company, and need to make some stock to take over soon! Specifically I need to make some aprons, so I'm trying to find some inspiration via Pinterest for a new-ish retro design. Here are some of my favorite finds so far!

Sunday, March 27, 2016

Bluebonnet Dresses - Finished!

Happy Easter to everyone!! What a perfect time for pretty little girls in frou-frou dresses wading through Texas bluebonnets! We had a gorgeous weekend here in Austin, sunny with a lovely cool breeze.

It was another week of whirlwind sewing for me, of course, and I am just ecstatic at how these dresses came out, they were so much fun.

As a bonus, I actually got to meet Sally of SallyKate Photography for the first time, though we've known each other online for many years! She and a friend came with their darling model daughters to take the traditional (around here) photos among Spring wildflowers. In a lovely coincidence, another mutual online acquaintance of ours happened to be crashing at my place when she stopped by. I always love meeting longtime online friends!

So, I missed a few days again of the My Daily Sew challenge, I just got so busy trying to finish up that I didn't get a chance to come post. But I hope to make it up for it with this post!

On my last post I had finished the bodices...

Next I had to start figuring out the skirts. I needed a kind of cascading ruffle effect, with a lot of volume and movement. I decided to just gather a good amount of the nylon chiffon over the full circle skirt lining (which all sits on top of the hoopskirt, of course), and then start layering with circular shapes on top of that. Gathering all that fabric took a while!

I figured out the ruffles by adding the full length of the skirt to the length I wanted the top tier to be, and using that as a diameter. Then I cut big circles using that number, and trimmed the edge in a sheer ribbon to give it some body and define the edges, and it worked perfectly!

Then it was just a matter of pinning everything on, attaching it all, and sewing it to the bodice.

On the yellow version, I added a bit of cream dotted lace on the side just for some different texture and interest. The blue version had some lace trim around the edges of the fabric on the sides.

Then I added a zipper on the back, and a ribbon tie at the very top. I kept it long to hang down and blow in the breeze. :-)

Finally, I embellished the front with flowers from the shoulder to the waist, and falling down the skirt a bit.

And they were done just in time, lol! The girls came and tried them on, and they fit great and looked fabulous. Then they were off to take pics, and I got to wait for my favorite part, seeing some amazing photos!! I'll just leave these here. ;-)

Julie Peveto Photography

Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Bluebonnet Dresses - Hoopskirts

So any time I'm working with circular stuff especially, I end up doing lots of math, and it hurts my brain!

But it's always worth the hassle! ;-)

Saturday, March 19, 2016

The Purple Wedding Dress - The Wedding Day!

The dress is done, the wedding past, and what a whirlwind day it was! The bride looked absolutely stunning.

I missed my last couple days of posting because I was so busy finishing up the dress, but here were a few of the last details I finished up.

First I finished attaching the lace and sewing on all the beading. I was pretty pleased with the seam on the lace, I think I managed to hide it pretty well! Can you see it?

Next I gathered lots of tulle and netting for the petticoat!

Then I added lingerie straps...

And of course, a waist stay!

And finally, I made a little flower for her hair!

And that was it, everything was done! Here's my revised sketch (after nixing the capelet) and the final product.

It all looked so much better on the glowing bride!! I wish I had some better pictures, but it was a big rush to get dressed, get married, and have a reception all within the couple hours allotted at the lovely outdoor venue. Throw in some missing shoes, and a thunderstorm starting just as the bride was about to walk to the outdoor chapel, all at dusk, lol, and it meant I didn't get a chance to get a great picture. But she looked beautiful! Here are a few of the fuzzy phone pics I managed to snap. :-)

A flash, of course, picks up all the purple sheen!

Here's a short little video which I thought captured the movement of the dress well. :-)

A video posted by Stephanie Lochet (@slochet) on

I'm so pleased to have been able to play a small part in my friend's wedding, and I wish the couple a lifetime of happiness!