Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Vintage Sewing Pattern Pledge

I saw a few people here and there mention the Vintage Sewing Pattern Pledge last year as I perused various sewing blogs, but didn't really stop to investigate it. Then last week someone mentioned that it's on again for this year, and so I decided to look into it to see if I might want to join. Then I read this:
"For those of you who don't know, it all started last year when I realised I've been buying vintage and reproduction sewing patterns faster than I can sew them, so I pledged to use at least five of them during 2014."

So apparently I'm not the only one who hoards patterns at astounding rates without getting around to using most of them, lol! I knew then it was definitely something I needed to do too. So I pledged to make 5 of my (repro) vintage patterns during 2015. Looking through my Current Pattern Stash board, these are a few of my top choices!

I'm a sucker for cropped jackets, and I have two patterns with them that I really want to try! Love the neckline of the first, but as a large-busted woman I'm always a little nervous about dresses that require special bras or strapless.

Butterick 4792

Vogue 2267
I almost used this pattern for my Christmas dress (view B as I shy away from halters for the bra reasons mentioned above!) but ended up using a different pattern. This one has been stuck in my head since, though, I love the long smooth waist and gathered bust.
Butterick 6049

I tend to be a sucker for full skirts, which means I often end up overlooking dresses with sleeker lines. I did the same thing with this pattern, until I saw Lily's stunning silk version, and then I wanted to make it NOW, but I was in the middle of 5 bridesmaids dresses so I couldn't, lol.

Butterick 5880
I also love this one, one of Gertie's patterns, because of the bust detail. Speaking of Gertie, I got her 2nd book for Christmas, and still haven't made anything from her first! So I think one of my 5 pledged patterns should definitely be from one of her books. 

Butterick 5813

 So those are just some of the choices at the top of my list. Now, as much as I hoard patterns, I'm even worse about hoarding fabric! I have a few nice sized pieces of yardage, several that I picked up in Montmartre on our trips to France, and they sit there because I feel like I need to do something special with them! But I really just need to decide to use them and do it, otherwise I'll never get to enjoy them, right? So along with my pledge to make 5 vintage patterns, I pledge to use at least 2 of these fabrics.
This repeating pattern is HUGE, it will make such a statement piece on a dress! I just need to figure out the perfect pattern to use and placement for the biggest impact. It's a gorgeous cotton sateen, one of the fabrics I picked up in France.
This is another really great print I got in France, it's a repeating print that could be used as a border print, also a lovely cotton sateen! Hard to see the scale, but it's also very large.
Now, this black and white print is one I picked up at Joann's with a super coupon, I have 5+ yards! It has a really nice weight to it, would make a fantastic dress.
Alright, so enough dreaming! I have so many possibilities, my brain just loves to jump ahead and make new plans but I certainly want to see those plans come to fruition, which is exactly why I've made the pledges I have. I added the button on my sidebar as a reminder to myself, feel free to click on it if you want to join too.  Can't wait to get sewing!


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