Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Red Poppy Dress

A couple years ago, while visiting my husband's family in Paris, I made my first visit to the fabric stores at the Marché Saint Pierre in Montmartre! I especially loved the "coupons" stores, with already cut fabric at discount prices. I bought several different fabrics, and then before our next trip to France the following year, I finally got around to using one of them to make this dress.

As usual, before trips I get frantic thinking I have to make an entirely new wardrobe! So I made this pretty quickly, but actually did a decent job finishing it inside and out for once, ha. I was very pleased with the result, I really loved the fabric - a textured cotton (not sure if there's a name for it?) with red poppies on it. I used the bodice from Simplicity 1803, view B.

I really like the princess seams on the bodice, they are flattering and easy to adjust as always.

I also really liked this sleeve! I usually dread putting sleeves in, but the little cap sleeve with a simple inverted pleat went in easily, and I love the tiniest bit of pouf.

As for the skirt portion, I didn't use the pattern because I wanted a pleated skirt with a flat front (and back.) The fabric has a nice body, so the pleats came out nicely. I was also able to hide pockets among them!

I also fully lined the bodice instead of using facings as the pattern suggests, and fully lined the skirt as well. I even covered my shoulder seams with lace tape, which makes it so nice and clean on the inside! I love the lack of stray threads and fraying.

Overall, it went together easily and is very comfortable to wear. If I were to change anything, I'd add just a couple inches to the length, just because I feel most comfortable in dresses a few inches below my knee! But I love the fabric, and even though the pattern isn't a vintage one, I think the end result has a vintage feel.

 Here I am in France enjoying my dress! :-) Of course, I had to go buy more fabric while we were there, so I have much more to use for our next trip!


Lee Ann said...

Lovely! I think this is pique but it's on a larger scale than usual for pique. You are much, much better than I am about finishing the inside!

Stephanie said...

Thanks Lee Ann! I'm usually not so great about finishing the inside, lol, actually I had forgotten how nicely I finished it (I was rushing so much before the trip!) so when I turned it inside out I was surprised and impressed, ha!

Piper Springs said...

You look lovely! That is truly beautiful fabric and perfect for the pattern you chose. Great photography, too.

Stephanie said...

Thanks Piper! :-)