Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Yellow, Blue, and Green Paisley Apron

It's done!

Here's a closeup of the pocket so you can see the paisley. The yellow/white fabric is the same that was used for the Citrus Apron.

It was lined with yellow gingham, here's a closeup:

Edited to add:

While surfing Etsy I was absolutely inspired by some adorable fabric-covered notecards I saw!! So I made a matching one to send with this apron (as it was a gift).


Creative Clayer said...

YAY! It's gorgeous and MIL is going to LOVE it. I'm so excited! Am I your best customer yet?

Stephanie said...

I think you and Sally are both in the running, lol.

I'm glad you like it! I'll be working on your mom's now!