Wednesday, April 23, 2008

"Regency Inspired" Aprons

I've been touching up my design for my regency inspired aprons here and there, and in the process I made several which are now for sale! The first adjustment was to add pockets, one on each side.

In my first apron, I actually sewed the criss-cross straps to the waist, and the ties were sewn on separately, so it wasn't very adjustable.

Then I realized I could make it more adjustable by simply having the criss cross straps go through a buttonhole on the waist, and then tie. That's how this one is done:

Blue and Yellow Floral/Gingham 1

(Because this was still an "experimental phase" apron that has buttonholes instead of D-rings, I'm reducing the price to $25.)

A closeup of the fabric, it's a bit hard to see but the gingham is blue and yellow:

I thought the buttonhole was good, but then I decided to simply sew a D ring on each side for the straps to go through, which I thought gave it a nicer finish. The rest are all using D rings.

Blue and Yellow Floral/Gingham 2 - SOLD

Springtime Pink and Green - SOLD

Country Blue and White Floral - SOLD

Regal Red - SOLD

(Ok I admit it...this one is my fave. Red is just my weakness...)

Sweetheart Pink - SOLD

All of these (but the first, which is $25) are $35 each, plus shipping. Email me at mllevaleur(at)hotmail(dot)com if interested! I'm also willing to do customized aprons, if any of these spark a different idea or color scheme you'd like!

UPDATE: Most of the ones listed above have been sold now, but keep an eye on my Etsy Shop for more coming soon!


Creative Clayer said...

I LOVE the pink and green one!! I was wondering where you had been but obviously you've been busy making these gorgeous aprons!! Fabulous work!

Stephanie said...

I have been pretty busy lately, lol! Thanks :-)

Megan said...

I love the pink and green one!!!!

Stephanie said...

Seems to be a favorite, that one! ;-) Thanks!

Jen and Eric said...

I got my red apron two days ago! It is beautiful! I feel so girly when I wear it. Thank you!


Stephanie said...

Oh good!! You're quite welcome! :-D

Elena said...

Dear Stephanie,

I came across your blog from google; for quite some time I have been looking for Regency style aprons or patterns but haven't had very much success until I ran across your blog.
By quickly perusing I can tell you are a dedicated and talented seamstress; the aprons you have posted are lovely!

Thank you for your time and work,


Stephanie said...

Thanks Elena! :-)