Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Khaki and Blue Tropical Flower Dress - Vogue 8811

So this one is exciting, it's my 5th Vintage Pledge make this year, which means I already reached my goal, woohoo! I really love this dress and I'm already itching to make another version. This is Vogue 8811.

What I loved in sewing this up was its simplicity.

 I did make a few alterations. The largest pattern size was still just a touch too small for my waist, so I actually left out the back darts.
That meant I only had the front darts to sew (which are interesting, because they're cut out on the pattern and at an angle, which you can see on the inside below.)
Sorry for the wrinkles and folds, this was after washing it when back from the trip
and not pressing well enough!

I'm in love with kimono style sleeves lately (and love seeing them in so many vintage and retro designs!). Setting in sleeves is still one of my most dreaded parts of sewing, so any style that gives me a sleeve without having to set it in makes me one happy little sewist!

In addition to that, I've done so many gathered skirts lately that I nearly forgot how quick and easy a circular skirt (in this case half circle, I believe) is to attach to a waistline! I even cheated and cut the skirt all in one piece, so I just needed one seam to sew it up (to which I added a pocket, of course.)

Because my fabric was slightly stretchy, I also ended up omitting the side zipper altogether! So I just pull it on over my head, wiggle in a bit, and it's perfect.

Speaking of this fabric, I got this years ago, a cotton poplin with a bit of stretch, and I also got it in red, which is what I made my skirt out of for my 30th birthday vintage photo shoot! See?
As soon as I started thinking about what fabric to use for this pattern, the blue version I still had sitting there waiting jumped into my mind, I think it was absolutely perfect. In fact, if I do make another one, I'm not sure I'm going to be able to love it as much as I love this pattern with this fabric! It's a challenge I'll accept, though. ;-)

The only closure on the dress is a button and loop at the neck on the back, and I had to learn how to make a loop! (Thanks YouTube!) I rather enjoyed it and found it relaxing, I'm looking forward to using that skill more often now (I'd always been afraid of it before!)

The only thing I might change if I make it again is to fully line the bodice instead of using facings. I keep trying to use facings when a pattern tells me too, but every time I just end up finding them a bit fiddly and I always feel like they're about to flip wrong side out (even when I've tacked them and everything.) I did bind all the raw seams on the inside, all the facings, the waistline, and the hem.

Even with the slightly annoying facings, though, I think this dress is a huge success! It went together so quickly and easily, and was so comfortable to wear when touring the Fairchild Tropical Botanic Gardens on our trip to Miami, I felt like I fit right in with all the flowers around me. :-)


Lorna Howells said...

What a gorgeous dress - you did a fabulous job. It looks so pretty on you and fits perfectly.

Melissa B. said...

Beautiful! I like both the red and the blue colorways. Where did you get your fabric?

Stephanie said...

I believe I got them from Fashion Fabrics Club online years ago!