Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Simple Wide Elastic Waistband Petticoat

I've made a few petticoats over the years. Usually what happens when I start on such a project is I suddenly have this frenzied tendency to want to go way over the top. I'm not sure why, but I feel like if I'm going to make the effort, I need to go big or go home! Unfortunately this usually leaves me lacking in the simpler, everyday things that are so useful. One of those things is a light simple petticoat, nothing drastically huge or super poufy, just a little extra layer when I'm feeling like I need a bit of body!

Fortunately, I was able to rein in my over the top tendencies this time, and succeeded in making a nice simple cotton petticoat. As a bonus, it was super quick and easy as I used a wide elastic band for the waist!

I just used a zigzag stitch on both sides of the overlap.

For the skirt, I just figured out the total length I wanted and divided it into the length of the 2 layers I wanted. Then I figured out the width of the top layer, plenty to fit over my hips, plus some. Then I doubled it for the bottom ruffle. I gathered the bottom ruffle to attach to the upper skirt using a long gathering stitch.

I enclosed all the raw edges with light pink hug snug.


I also added a couple little bows on the front!
Finally I attached it to the elastic waistband, stretching it as I sewed and also pleating the fabric a bit as it was still fuller than the stretched elastic. The resulting fullness is exactly what I was looking for, not too much!

I actually used it as an additional second petticoat when wearing my 10th Anniversary dress! I just couldn't resist the fact that the little pink bows matched so well. ;-)

But it works great for my more casual day dresses that I still like to wear another layer with. Glad I was able to resist going overboard this time, it's already proven to be extremely useful!



Sandra Cox said...

Looks great, and what a splendid idea for the waistband!

Anonymous said...

Using wide elastic for the waistband is brilliant! My weight tends to fluctuate so I often use drawstrings, but they can be too bulky for the close fit that one gets with vintage styles. This is the perfect solution and I'll be implementing it immediately. Thanks for a great fashion "save."

Carol Cullen said...

Can you tell approx me how much fabric i would need to make this lovely petticoat?

Stephanie said...

Hi Carol, I can't say I ever calculated since I just used what I had lying around, maybe a couple yards? You just need enough to go around your hips, plus some, times whatever length you want the top part, and then double that amount for the ruffle, times whatever length you want the bottom part. Add those together and you should be able to figure out how much you need!