Wednesday, July 1, 2015

10th Anniversary Dress - Vintage Vogue 1172

This past weekend, my husband and I celebrated our 12th wedding anniversary! It reminded me that I never blogged about the dress I made for our 10th anniversary a couple years ago. We had a special mass in French and marriage blessing, and it was the first time in about 5 years at the time that we were able to visit family in France, where we got married. It was a special year! It was also while I was still finding my way around using patterns to make dresses, and I wanted to make a special dress for the occasion.

I settled on Vogue 1172. I was in love with the massive skirt, complete with godets!
As for color, I was just a little obsessed with the idea of a pale, barely there pink, in dupioni silk!! I searched and found a great deal. I ordered the fabric, NINE yards of it, and was a little nervous when I received a standard sized large envelope. I thought, there must have been some mistake, this can't possibly be nine yards of fabric...and then I opened it.

And I unfolded it, and it kept unfolding and unfolding, like magic! I was amazed at how compact the fabric was. It had a gorgeous sheen, and it was so incredibly light, and yet strong. Clearly this was my first time working with 100% real silk.

It went together fairly easily, this might have been my first Vogue pattern? I was a little intimidated, but it was not as difficult as I expected!

It was also one of my first hand picked zippers.

I completed the dress itself....

 ...but I wanted to add a little bit of tone on tone pink in the form of a big sash!

This was also one of my first waist stays, I was very proud of it! Here it is in action, making that zip super easy to close.

I was very proud of my fluffy pink cloud of a dress on the day of our celebration!

Big Pink Bow, YES!

The following year, I pulled out my dress again for a gala we planned to attend. I still had a bit of the fabric left, and the only part I wasn't completely satisfied with on the dress was the neckline and sleeve, I just didn't think it was the most flattering on me. So I decided to make a little cropped jacket to go with it. I used McCalls 5006, and was really pleased with the outcome!

I lined the jacket with the same darker pink I used for the sash, and covered the button with it as well.

I really loved the combo of the dress and jacket!


The hat I got for Easter one year, doesn't it go well with the dress? I love it...

Since it had been a while since my first pics (which were with my phone!) I thought I'd snap a few without the jacket as well. You'll note I tied the sash in front this time, it's nice having some versatility. :-)

I did have a pair of petticoats on this time! One of them is new, I'll be blogging about it's a sneak peak. :-)

I still get excited when I see this dress, I adore the color, the fabric, and the giant swishy skirt. It was certainly a success, and really helped me along with gaining confidence in my sewing skills, especially using a (Vogue!) pattern.


Anonymous said...

This is so gorgeous, I love the delicate pinks you chose!

Anonymous said...

Wow, that is such a lovely dress! The cropped jacket looks great as well. This outfit suits you very well!

Piper Springs said...

That outfit is the stuff of dreams! I am oohing and aahing. So feminine! Such a gorgeous color! So perfect for your coloring. Tres, tres belle.

Susan Kaiser said...

This dress is absolutely gorgeous! You look beautiful in it. What a great project!
I don't think I sew well enough to make something like this, but I am surely inspired by this to ramp it up!
Your choice of fabric is right on. And I love that you made this for your 10th anniversary. It's important to mark such occasions- very life affirming and fun.
So you have inspired me in this way also.
So glad I saw this post- I am subscribing to your blog.

Draped in Cloudlets said...

This dress and jacket look absolutely amazing on you! I really love the bow and the large button in particular, so pretty.

Melissa said...

It's beautiful! Soft pink, like a sigh. You look spectacular dressed to the nines.

Inspires me to make something similar.