Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Easy Striped Summer Dress - Vogue 8728

I was never really interested in Vintage Vogue 8728, the lines on the cover art just didn't appeal to me. Then, as I sometimes do, I was just browsing through patterns I didn't have, checking out versions other people had made online to see how they look once sewn up, as often the end result can be surprising. This was one of those times where even though I wasn't thrilled with the pattern art, I loved almost every version of this pattern I saw made up! I knew a Vogue pattern sale was coming up, rushed to get the pattern on Sunday, came home and started cutting.

This pattern is probably one of the easiest and quickest I've ever made, it went together so easily! I didn't even make a muslin (was too impatient), and it ended up working great.

I've been drooling over all things striped lately, for some reason, so I knew I wanted to go with stripes for this dress. I decided to go with horizontal stripes on top and vertical on the bottom.

I did try the bodice on to make sure it was working out.

Loved what I had so far, especially the gathered bust detail. I'm always a little worried, with my large bust, certain details might accentuate it, but I think because it doesn't actually come all the way under the bust on the sides, it almost minimizes the bust a bit on me. At the very least I think it looks nicely balanced, not too top heavy. That's a very good thing!

I did bind all my seams, so everything is covered and pretty on the inside! I also underlined just the front lower bodice piece with some white cotton muslin, just to make it a bit heavier. (I guess I like more than one layer covering my tummy, lol.)

Once I was happy with the bodice, I quickly sewed up the skirt (added a pocket as always) and attached it to the bodice. The final dress is a perfect summer dress, light and easy to wear!

Here's another peek at the inside, with bound seams and of course a waist stay as usual!

This makes my 3rd Vintage Pledge item so far for the year, I'm doing pretty well! I may even pass my goal. :-)

I highly recommend this pattern if you're looking for a quick and easy sew! It can also be made in jersey (you can see lots of examples of that if you do a search.) I think I'll definitely be using this one again soon!


Sarah Hansen said...


Melissa B. said...

It's lovely and looks so great on you! I especially like that you took a simple make and really delved into some fantastically detailed finishing work. It made all the difference!

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Anonymous said...

It looks lovely and love the stripes! I've had my eye on the pattern for a while, now I'm convinced to make one for myself. (You know me as HIMP from YNAB: thanks for the link to your blog!)

Stephanie said...

Thanks! I'd love to see your own version. :-)