Monday, June 8, 2015

Pinspiration Monday - Retro Swimwear

I love that retro swimsuits have become popular, especially because it means more choice for (adorable) one pieces! For a long time, it felt like anyone who wanted a one piece was an oddball!

Crocheted swimsuit, anyone?

Even with this resurgence, though, I still have a difficult time with swimsuits. After learning to sew and fit myself, I realized one of my problems is I have quite a long torso. This, coupled with a large bust in need of much support, makes finding a great one piece extremely difficult because even if padding and support is there, it ends up too low on me to do any good.

Another problem is many of the retro styles I love have halter necks, which, with the weight of the girls, tends to put a lot of stress on my neck, and still doesn't provide great support. It's a shame, though, because they're so adorable!

This has me considering making my own, which for some reason sounds terrifying!

I've seen so many fabulous versions of this Bombshell Swimsuit Pattern from Closet Case Files, but I still question if I could create enough support. (And oddly enough I'm really drawn to view B, but I know that's the least supportive!) At the very least I could properly fit my long torso, and easily switch the halter straps to shoulder straps (criss crossed, maybe?) so it's worth a try, right? We'll see if I find the courage!

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