Monday, April 20, 2015

Pinspiration Monday - Fun Backdrops

I've been thinking lately about trying to create some kind of background to use outside for my Etsy shop photos. Right now my back yard is completely empty and bare, I don't even have a tree back there! But I have plenty of room to use, so I've been looking around at ideas on Pinterest to get some inspiration, because I'd love to take better advantage of the light.

Love the idea of using up fabric strips in this way! The texture of the fabrics is so interesting. I could think of a lot of fun fabric combinations, but for backdrops I'd love a neutral version like this.

I also love the idea of using a painted wood, this is a great tutorial on making a wood panel backdrop.
Another great idea is using strips of tulle, it's so light and fluffy and gathers so well!

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