Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Pattern Weights from Fabric Scraps

After my sewing room redesign, I was reminded how many fabric scraps I have! In an effort to use up some of them, I decided to make some pattern weights. (Also because I feel like it takes me forever to pin and cut patterns, so I thought this might help me cut down a bit on time!)

I didn't do anything fancy, just picked some pretty fabrics out of my scraps and cut them into different sized squares.

Then I stitched around them, leaving a hole for filling.

Some of the larger ones I added a button in the middle, just so I wouldn't have to use as much rice and it would help distribute the weight around the edges.

I filled them up with rice...

...and did a quick whipstitch around the opening. Et voila, done!

I got to use them for my current project, and they worked great! I love how quickly I can throw them down compared to pinning.

I also love to see all the pretty colors together! I found a little pink bucket to keep them in, which works great as one big weight in the center.

I love quick and useful scrapbusting projects!


Dixie O'Dare said...

What a Fabulous idea! I might have to steal it........ haha

Silent Scrapper said...

Great idea! I hate putting pins in because sometimes I'd accidentally poke myself. Argh...