Thursday, May 26, 2011

SMS Giveaway Winner!!

Are your fingers as exhausted as mine are from clicking and clicking and clicking through all the giveaways? WOW!! First I just want to say THANK YOU so much to everyone who visited my blog, and all your lovely comments! It was like Christmas opening my email and seeing my inbox flooded. Thanks as well to all those who are new followers, whether of the blog, on facebook, or on Etsy! I have loved browsing all of your own blogs and Etsy shops, I'm just amazed at the talent out there. :-)

Ok, down to business! I compiled a list in a spreadsheet with all of your names listed chronologically. I had a few people I needed to incorporate who wanted to enter but couldn't comment here, so added them in as well, and then I put to work...and it gave me the magic number 235!

Which led me to Cass, who said:
I love the look of the Victorian style apron, but the fabric of the Flouncy Full Apron is so gorgeous that it is the one that gets my vote. :)
You do beautiful work. I'll be having a browse of the rest of your blog soon.
Have a wonderful day!

Thank you so much, and CONGRATS!!!! I'll be emailing you shortly to get your address so I can ship the Full Flouncy apron to you. :-)

What will happen to the other 2 aprons, you ask? The good news is, if you can't live without one of them they are listed in my Etsy shop, so they could still be yours!

Here's the Regency Inspired Apron, and here is the Milkmaid Apron, which I've named Victorian Rose.

I got so much wonderful feedback from y'all, I will definitely be making more of both of these in the future.

I had a few questions in the comments that I wanted to answer.

A couple people wondered about sizing.

One thing I love about my Regency Inspired apron design is that it is completely, totally adjustable. The ties cross in the back, and then run through D-rings that can be tightened or loosened right under the bust at the empire waist, which means it will perfectly comform to your bust size whatever it is. I'm quite large-chested myself so I'm very aware of the need for such adjustments, especially with empire waists!

As for my other aprons, in general I tend to make them a little larger in the waist than a lot of other aprons I've seen out there (usually between 24-28 inches rather than 20), partly because I'm a little larger in the waist and I tend to make what fits me! I also always try to make sure my ties are nice and long. But I have also made plus sized aprons upon request in the past, for even more extra coverage.

GlendaJune33 wanted to know, "Do you ever make matching aprons for mother and daughter?"

And the answer to that is YES, I have made several matching aprons for Moms and daughters in the past. These are usually made upon request, here are a few examples:

This fun and playful flouncy apron set was for a plus sized mama and her daughter.

This was another mother/daughter flouncy set, with cupcakes!

I've even made matching aprons for a whole family!

Finally, Katie asked, "Do you offer patterns?"

...which made me chuckle considering my strange phobia of patterns! ;-) I'm slowly working on it, though!

Since I'm not really a regular user of patterns, I've yet to really make my own. I kind of just work it out organically as I go. I do have a general idea of the shapes I need, and how they'll hang, but often I grab some fabric and start pinning it on my dress form trying to figure out what I want. I usually just kind of remember if I want to recreate it.

The truth is, I'm terribly lazy!! I just want to grab some fabric and pleat it or cut it and be done with it, for some reason the idea of using patterns seems much more complicated to me, so that's why it doesn't even really occur to me to make a pattern for my own designs!

But, who knows, maybe some day in the future I'll pick one of my designs and put together a tutorial of sorts. :-)

Again, thank you all so much, I had a blast this week! Don't forget I'm doing a weekly giveaway series right now called the Great Fabric Destash Challenge. I should be posting my ORANGE creations later today, along with the winner of that giveaway, and I'll be posting the new set of fabrics you can help me choose from tomorrow, so stay tuned!

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Cass said...

Thank you so much! I am so excited to win such a gorgeous apron! :)
Emailing you now....