Friday, May 27, 2011

Orange Fabric Creations and Giveaway Winner

Running a little behind this week, it's been crazy! But I finally managed to use up all the orange damask fabric. First, the giveaway item...

A plastic grocery bag dispenser!

I love the idea of taking things that usually aren't so pretty, and making them pretty. :-) What better excuse to hang some bright and happy fabric in your kitchen than a grocery bag dispenser? Lovely AND functional, my favorite combination!

Don't have plastic grocery bags around? This can be used for many other things as well: towels, tissue paper, even diapars.

I made another one with some orange poppy fabric, which is up for sale in my Etsy shop.

This fabric was just so happy and cheery, combined with the yellow polkadot fabric it reminded me of citrus and sunshine...which reminded me of a kitchen...

Which, of course, meant I had to make an apron. ;-)

It's up for sale in my Etsy shop here.

Finally, while the leftover scraps were mostly too small for tissue holders, I still didn't want to throw them away and so I made some fabric covered cards!

They are also for sale in my Etsy shop!

Now for the giveaway winner....

Regina!! Congrats on the win, I'll be emailing you shortly to get your shipping info. :-)

Thanks everyone, I'll be posting the next round of fabrics in just a little while!

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Linda said...

gorgeous creations as always!