Tuesday, April 1, 2008

An Idea

I've been having a strange urge to do something with box pleats...I love them, not sure why! I've also always loved the regency style, and while I'm not confident in my abilities enough yet to make a full dress (which would likely require using a pattern and I'm avoiding that as long as possible), I thought HEY! Maybe I can use the regency style as inspiration for an apron...and use some box pleats for fun!!

So, this is my rough idea:

There will be 2 fabrics used, one (probably something bold) that makes the center panel, and on the sides and the straps there will be a (more subtle) coordinating fabric.

The back will be criss crossed...I saw this recently when we watched the BBC Pride and Prejudice and it stuck with me!

And this is just mentally flattening the apron to figure out what I need to do.

Wish me luck!


Rabid Libertarian said...

The Regency dress pattern available at sensilbilty.com is fairly easy.
I love your sketch for this apron. You should offer some for sale!

Stephanie said...

Thanks! I've yet to use a pattern. *blush* I just really really hate the idea...I know it's silly, but with a pattern I feel a huge pressure to do it perfectly right. When it's just me, I feel much more...free, I guess. I'm strange like that, lol! I'm sure one day I will give it a go, though...

I will probably offer these for sale once I figure it all out! :-) Thanks!

Stephanie said...

Ok...so I've been looking at the regency dresses made with the pattern, and comments from self-taught seamstresses about how easy the pattern is. I'm drooling over the dresses...and I think this may be just the pattern to lure me into giving patterns a try. Thanks for the link!