Thursday, March 10, 2016

The Purple Wedding Dress - Fitting Day

We had a fitting today, and it's looking great! I can't wait to get a bit of structure under the skirt to fill it out a bit, but the bodice fits beautifully.

In my original sketch, I'd imagined a sheer, probably tulle and lace little capelet to add a bit of a bridal touch.

However, I'd been trying and trying to solidify details for it, and nothing was jumping out at me. Since I had most of the dress put together, I was better able to imagine some possibilities...but every time I threw some tulle over it, I had an overwhelming urge to remove it. I just kept feeling like I didn't really want to cover up the dress!

I'd gotten a few bits of lace to try, and my favorite by far was a Venice lace that was just perfect for the capelet neckline. But once I moved away from the capelet idea, I thought about trying it out on the neckline of the dress. I was quite taken with it!

The bride loved it too, and felt it added that bridal touch we were going for. So I'll be sewing it on, and embellishing it with a touch of beading. Looking forward to it!!


Andie W. said...

Just beautiful. I can't wait to see the final result. :)

threadingthroughtime said...

The lace is perfect! What fun it is seeing this beautiful dress evolve. :-)