Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Sunshine Yellow Quinceañera Court Dresses - New Look 6223

My latest big project was making 6 court dresses for a quince! I imagine this might not be a thing in other parts of the country, but here in Texas it's a big deal for young Hispanic ladies turning 15! It's kind of like a Sweet 16 meets a wedding without a groom. ;-)

I made the dresses for the girls (kind of like bridesmaids) from a lovely yellow and white striped shirting. The birthday girl's mom did a great job picking the pattern which was flattering for lots of different shapes and sizes, it was New Look 6223.

We chose the gathered bodice with cap sleeves. I also added some small white buttons along the pleats on the sides.

The dresses went together really easily, I'd definitely recommend the pattern!

I was pretty busy making sure the dresses got done on time, so I didn't get a chance to take any really nice close-up pics of the dresses, just snapped some with my phone!

Fortunately, the talented Arlen Nydam was there and able to get some great pics!

I had mentioned possibly getting a pic with the girls' hands in their pockets, as they were all pretty excited to have pockets in a dress (girls after my own heart!) Love these!

It was a fun project and all the girls looked great, especially next to the stunning birthday girl!

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