Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Pinspiration Tuesday - New Patterns

Bit late with my Monday post, oops! I took a bit of time off from blogging last week as I was busy finishing up 6 dresses which I'll be blogging about soon.

Since I pinned most of them, I thought I'd take a look at some of the new repro patterns released for Summer in my pinspiration post! I love seeing the new patterns, especially when there is retro pattern art, although sometimes I question their styling for the models.

Here are some of the new offerings!

McCalls has just recently jumped on the repro pattern bandwagon with their Archive collection, and so far it is promising! Their latest couple are inspired by the 1930s, a decade which I've been appreciating more lately.

I love that this is different than any of the other patterns. It's not something I would ever make or wear, lol, because I don't do slinky, but it is beautiful!

McCalls 7154

The other one, though, is definitely on my wish list! I think it's just adorable.

McCalls 7153
Vogue's new offerings are interesting, if a bit similar. The first has a very cool asymmetrical button front going on.

Vogue 9105
The other has some fun gathers in the sides of the skirt, this one is already in my stash!

Vogue 9106

Then there's Butterick.

Love the high waist on this one.

Butterick 6212 - Front
Butterick 6212 - Back

Butterick 6211

Cute, right? They chose two similar styles, both wrap around/button styles, and while they're nice (and I love the sketches), their styling is just awful! Take a look...

Why hello, gaping armhole
Edges are looking a bit wobbly!
Is that the full skirt from the sketch?

The first dress just does not fit the model, it's way too big, and there's no fullness in the skirt (no petticoat clearly, which I know is difficult with the wrap around dresses, but I almost wonder if they took out some of the fullness in the 6211 pattern?)

I'll be curious to see how some real life make-ups of these go if anyone tries them out. I do think the placement and number of buttons could make it a bit less shifty than the first Walkaway dress pattern. I also wonder if they did these because The Great British Sewing Bee caused a bit of a resurgence of interest in the first Walkaway dress, and these are both similar. I do wish there would be a bit more of a range of offerings, though!

Even when they fail to live up to my highest expectations, though, I get so excited when new repro patterns come out!! I hope they keep it up for a long time to come.

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