Wednesday, November 4, 2015

My Niece's Halloween Tardis Dress

So over the past few weekends I've had the pleasure of dreaming up and creating a great Halloween costume with my niece Hailey! She and her family are huge Dr. Who fans, so we settled on a the idea of a Tardis dress. We went to the fabric store, looked through costumes for ideas, and came up with this together!

I just used a basic bodice and long gathered skirt from the main part of the dress. (We were having fun with pin curls while she was over, that's what the scarf is all about, lol!)

Then we used Simplicity 4046 to make the little corset/skirt combo to go over the dress.

We added just a touch of netting under the skirt, and hemmed it. Finally we added windows to the top of the dress, and it was all done!

She ended up winning runner-up in a costume contest! A couple shots from Halloween. :-)

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