Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Flight of Fancy Feather Dresses

Here's another fun and whimsical order from Sally of Sallykate Photography for a shoot-out called Flight of Fancy! I made 3 dresses, the first of which was a very full skirted dress complete with overskirt and lace bustle.

I used Simplicity 1508 for the bodice (to which I added sleeves) and the basis for the overskirt.

I started with one row of feathers and ended up adding two more to get it as fluffy as I wanted.

 I thought it would be fun to line with a striped fabric!

Next was a dress with a skirt completely covered in feathers! This one obviously took the most amount of feathers, and I had a bit of a learning curve sewing them on! I ended up with a combination of machine and hand stitching. I also ended up with feathers EVERYWHERE, lol.

I used New Look 6388 for the bodice, and just extended the sleeve length a bit.

I decided to do buttons up the back, with elastic loops for the closure. It was finished off with a green sash.

The aftermath, lol...

I added a little bow to the front at the last minute!

And finally, the last dress had a green top (also using New Look 6388) with lace trim, lovely white skirt with tulle overlay and feather trim, and a black sash. I love the contrast of the white skirt with black feathers!

I got them shipped off way too last minute, but fortunately they arrived in time. And then my favorite part, here are some of the amazing pics from the shoot (which you wouldn't know by looking at the stunning models, but it was a very cold and very windy day)!

So much gorgeousness from Sallykate Photography!

Stunning image from Julie Peveto Photography!

Julie Peveto Photography
As luck would have it, as soon as I was done and able to start vacuuming, we realized we'd accidentally just thrown the bottom of the vacuum's canister away (and the trash had just been picked up)!! Lol! So I was stuck with feathers on the ground for a few days until we were able to order a replacement, but it was all worth it. ;-)


Draped in Cloudlets said...

Wow, those two dresses are simply adorable, you did a great job :-)

DangAndBlast! said...

That's remarkable! Good work!