Wednesday, June 27, 2012

New Design - The Tie Back Smock

Hello everyone! So I was struck with an idea recently and just made my first prototype. I'd been looking at retro style smocks that tie in the back, and thought they were adorable. Problem is, I'm lazy and I really don't like weirdly shaped scraps, haha. My favorite projects and patterns are ones where I can cut quick strips and rectangles with my rotary cutter! So the wheels started turning and I came up with a new design, what I call the Tie Back Smock. Here it is!

Isn't it cute? When untied, it's just a simple, loose smock that buttons in the back.

Tie a pretty bow and it cinches the waist right in.

Simple and made by cutting with straight lines only! This one will be up for sale in my Etsy shop shortly. :-)


Celina said...

Very cute! Awesome job. That looks like a Joel Dewberry print (the blue). I love his stuff:)

Sleen said...

I just love seeing the designs you come up with!

Evie said...

This is SUPER cute!