Saturday, July 2, 2011

RED, WHITE, and BLUE Creations and Winner

Goodness this week has been crazy! I had several orders to get done and/or ship before heading off to Florida this weekend, so I was a bit swamped. And here I am blogging Saturday evening when I haven't even begun to pack, ha! So typical of me to procrastinate as long as humanly possible!

Alright, let's get to it...the giveaway item this week:

A fan! I figured it was a great thing to have during summer, reminded me of outdoor July 4th fun. :-)

I'm very hot-natured in general, and I'm sure most of my real life friends could tell you they see me with a fan in my hand pretty frequently - so much nicer than scrambling for a piece of paper which doesn't work all that well, and they fit so nicely in a purse. Ever since I got a fan, I honestly don't leave home without it, it's been a life saver for me more times than I can count, especially during this sweltering 100+ degree Texas heat!

So what else did I make? What were my big plans?

I was in the mood to make myself something, so I made myself...

a skirt! And not just any skirt, but one that was big and fluffy and voluminous. :-) This is basically a double circle skirt, with a few reverse box pleats, so it used a LOT of fabric.

It also has a pocket in the seam, pockets are so easy to do and sooo useful that I can't help adding them!

It used so much, that this is all I made, lol! Nothing for my shop this time, but one fun skirt for me, just in time to take on our trip. :-) I plan to wear it on the 4th, so here I am trying it out.

Now, I have to confess I did not use up all my bits and pieces of scraps this time! I just completely ran out of time and needed to get a million and a half things done before we leave, but hopefully I'll be able to use them up sometime when I get back! I did use the great majority of the fabric.

Alright, so who won the fan?
KELLY! Congrats, I'll be sending you an email shortly. I'll probably have to wait until I'm back from vacation to send it off to you, just FYI.

Alright, time to pack!! I plan to make a couple blog posts while on vacation, but the Great Fabric Destash Series will be on hold until I get back. I hope you all have a happy and safe 4th of July!!


Grace said...

Sew beautiful!!;) That skirt looks gorgeous on you & I love the fan. Great job!

Stephanie said...

Thank you, Grace! :-)