Friday, July 22, 2011

Choose My PURPLE Fabric!

I'm back! I had a lovely vacation in Florida, saw the last space shuttle launch, went to visit Hogwarts in Orlando, lol, and had a great time relaxing. I'm definitely ready to get back to sewing, though! This week we're moving onto purple, the last of our rainbow colors.

So, you know the drill, tell me which fabric you like best. Whichever fabric you help me pick (I'll choose whichever gets the most votes), I'm going to have to use it ALL up...that means NO leftover scraps like I usually have. Most of what I make will likely end up for sale in my Etsy shop.

Once I've used it all up, I'll choose something I made with the chosen fabric to give away! Here are this week's fabric choices:

Click on the image for a closer look! I've included a quarter to give you some sense of scale.

The first is a lovely floral/paisley fabric. The second is a purple poppy fabric, I love this fabric but only have less than a yard left. The third is a fun purple damask, of which I have about a yard.

All you need to do to enter the giveaway is:
*Leave a comment with your VOTE on which fabric I should use up this week or which one is your favorite, and

*Include an EMAIL ADDRESS where I can contact you should you win, (US and Canada residents only, sorry!). You can do this either by

  1. Making sure your email is available through your blogger profile. (See here for help with that)

  2. Leaving your email address in your comment.

  3. Emailing me at mllevaleur (at) hotmail (dot) com with your email address, subject line "Giveaway email"

  4. OR if I know you from a forum somewhere, leave your SCREEN NAME so I know who you are!

If I can't find a way to contact you, I'll just have to pick someone else, so make sure to do one of the above! :-)

I'll choose the winner randomly from among those who voted for the winning fabric, since I'd hate to send someone an item made from a fabric they don't love!

Please submit your vote before Saturday evening at midnight (central time). I'll update this post with the winning fabric on Sunday, and then get to work! Check back at the latest on Friday to see what I've made, and of course to see who has won the giveaway and what they won!

Choose my fabric! :-)

UPDATE: It was a close race between #1 and #3, but #1 is the winner! Check back before Friday to see what I've made and who the giveaway winner is. Thanks for playing!


Tanya said...

Fabric #1 is my favorite:)

Melissa said...

I am really loving the purple damask:)

Linda said...

I love #1

If Toys Could Talk said...

I love #3. The damask print is so pretty!

Shannon said...

Definitely #3!

Shannon (Clara30 from NFP forum)

Ramona Strojevs said...

Wow, these are all so nice, but I vote for 3.

Ramona -

Lactavist said...

#2 wins this race
It's lovely,
Takes first place!

You are blessed
With talents many
Sewing treasures
Abundant and plenty!

(sequimster on NFP)

Lisa said...

I love the first one!

Lisa (shorty321)

Stephanie said...

Ok, I may request that all entries be in the form of a poem from now on, thanks to AM. ;-D

So clever!

famigliamemole said...

#1! mckarnin on NFP

Becky said...

#3 gets my vote.

Amy said...

#3, pretty please!!

I, however, am no poet.

grover @

Jane said...

My MIL would like #2 but I vote #1. :-) tabris02 @

Anonymous said...

I like them all!!!! I guess I vote for #3. doin02 on NFP
makulskido @

Rebekah said...

#2. (lawwife)

Regina said...

Definitely #1. :)

Lynarri at

Andrea said...

I vote for number three.
My email is

Anne-Marie said...

I love them all, as
purple is my favorite.
But will vote for 1.

Annemarie4 on delphi :)

Samsara said...

I love #1! Paisley is all the rage now!

p.s. It's me, Robyn, from St. Mary. Thanks for getting me to log in to this ancient blogspot account. :) Maybe I'll start blogging again. lol

Kate said...

So hard to choose! And I really really love purple. Both 1 and 3 and beautiful but I guess I'll vote for number 3!

Maiki said...

#1 for me

Yvette said...

I really like fabric number one, but number 2 is a close second.

Saponaria said...

An apron for me
Made out of #3
saponaria @ gmail dot com

Charity said...

So hard to choose ... purple is my favorite color and has been for more than 40 years, so I deserve to win. ;)

I'm going with #1 for no reason other than a coin toss. They're all lovely!

Aimee said...

I Love #1 and 3! But I think I'll go w/ #3.

Angela said...

Love #1!

Cynthia said...

My purple fan (who is four),
believes she needs even more!

Purple blankets,
purple clothes,
purple marker on her nose.

Number ONE is the best,
so can you pick her next?

Unknown said...

I like #1

Unknown said...

i like #1

Ladybeth_tara said...

#3 :)
I am at NFP

Amanda said...

purple is the queen
i'll leave you my vote for three
pretty please pick me

2wildmonkeys from the delphi

gaucho said...

love #3! I'm cherryberi on the board.

Alina said...

I pick #1 this time. Thanks for the chance and have a nice weekend!

Celina said...

They are all gorgeous but I picked #2:)

Val, aka The Catholic Momma said...

Beautiful purple fabrics
Oh my!
Pick only one?
How can I try?

I suppose if one I must pick
And that's what I must do
My selection would be
Fabric #2!

Valerie (aka idgie310 from NFP)

TZel said...

I like them all, but I think that #2 is my fave. Thanks!

reading1051 at yahoo dot com

The Empress Nina said...

Number Two is my
choice for this contest
Three is second best

^ How ya like my Haiku?

KristieW said...

Three is just stunning.

Me said...

#3!!!! MegNFP :)

Cheryl said...

#1 is my favorite!

AnnieColleen said...

#1 :)

Kelly said...

I like #3

Lisa said...

#1. I love paisley!