Sunday, October 9, 2016

Evil Regina Costume - McCalls 6818

I was recently asked to create a costume based on Regina from the show Once Upon a Time. She often wore this open front style dress or coat with pants. I was just going to be making the dress part, not the pants.

Fortunately I found exactly the pattern I needed very quickly, McCalls 6818.
I ended up using the collar of view C with the sleeve of view B.

The pattern was very straight forward and went together fairly easily! My biggest problem was just that the costume was going to be for a tween, so the size I was sewing was too small for my usual adult sized dress form and too big for my child sized dress forms. But I made do!

I did alter the front just a tad, curving the front opening to match the picture of Regina. I also added some lace inside the sleeve, and buttons (just for decoration) along the front.

There is a nice corset style back that makes it great for adjusting as needed.

For fun, I added a self drafted tie on choker with some lace attached.

Overall I was pleased with this pattern and the finished product!


akaSleen said...

Amazing job! I'm sure your client is going to LOVE it.

ShowgirlBoring said...

That pattern is pretty much exact to the original costume! Was a suburb find. :)