Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Chocolate Piping and Buttons - Butterick 6018

Don't you love learning something new? This dress introduced me into the world of piping! (Well...I already play with a bagpipe band which is what I usually mean by piping, so this is a new kind of piping, lol.) This dress was made for a client, we chose Butterick 6018. I've always loved version B for the neckline!

We decided to go with a lovely light blue poplin, and accents of dark brown. I wanted something special to add a little more interest, and while browsing Pinterest I was drawn to vintage dresses with buttons all the way down the front! Since this dress already had decorative buttons on the bodice, I thought it would be fun to extend them all the way down the dress.

As I started sewing I felt like I just needed a little something else, and thought perhaps something to highlight the lovely neckline would be just the thing. I grabbed some piping while at the store, and read up a bit on tips for using it since it was my first time. I LOVED the results, as I mentioned on Instagram, it just frames the neck beautifully and ties in to the buttons perfectly.

I also added a full lining, and some netting for a bit of fullness.

The rest of the dress came together well, the pattern was straight forward, didn't have any problems with it!

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