Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Fabric Destash Finale!

Alright friends, I thought that for the big finale it would be a great idea to give away lots of FABRIC! So I went through my stash to see what I've had around for a while that hasn't been used and that I don't have any plans for, and came up with 7 groups by color.

First, I'd like to ask a favor of you. :-) I would love to hear what your favorite creation(s) of the Great Fabric Destash Challenge was! It's a big help to hear feedback so I know what would be most popular in my Etsy shop. Your comment will be your entry!

If you don't have a use for fabric but would like to comment anyway, that would be great too. :-)

If you do want to enter to win one of the sets of fabric below, please list your top 3 color choices along with your comment. You have 24 hours to comment, and I'll select randomly as usual! US Residents only for this one (sorry International friends!)

As always, make sure I have a way to contact you, either through your blogger profile, or leave your screen name if I know you from a message board.

Alright, here are the fabrics up for grabs! Most of these are quilting type cotton, except for the aqua/brown fabrics which are decor weight cotton.




Regina said...

Fun! My favorite creations have been the bookmarks, magnet boards and the apron. :)

Colors: red, pink, purple

Lynarri at gmail.com

If Toys Could Talk said...

My favorite creations by far have been your aprons. :) As to colors, I like the reds, pinks and aquas.

Val, aka The Catholic Momma said...

My favourite creations of yours have been the plastic bag holders, journal covers, and the bookmarks. Of course, I also loved the apron you made for the very last destash. SO pretty!!

As for colours, my top three are as follows: red, blue, and purple.

Valerie (idgie310 on the NFP board)

Ramona Strojevs said...

Favorite is the fabric boxes, fabric tissue box cover and tissue holders. LOVE the aqua colors, reds, and purples!! Ramona who has a US mailing address. ramona@homeforyou.com

Jen said...

Fun! I completely adore the apron you made with the French fabric... Swoon!

Colors: oranges, reds, pinks

Jmueller409 at yahoo dot com

Maiki said...

aquas, red, oranges.

I love the plastic bag holders!

Smith said...

I love the fabric boxes, aprons, and plastic bag holder. I love orange, aqua, and reds.

Beverly said...

My favorite creations have been, the plastic bag holders, the corner book marks and the apron. It's been fun to see what you can do with the small scraps.

Colors: reds, aquas, pinks

misstwiggley at cox dot net

RealTruck said...

My favorite creation was the last apron you made out of the Paris fabric. Oooh la la! ;p

My favorites of these fabrics are the reds, blues and purples.

Donna said...

your aprons by far are my favorite! s frilly and fun! my choices are red, aquas and black (those girls in the black fabric on the right are so cute!)

wintermermaid said...

Your apron's are fantastic! I love the notebooks and the magnet boards too :-)

Fabric: red, black, pink


Amanda said...

oh this is HARD!!! i love all your stuff! i'd have to say the aprons, the notebook covers, and the magnet boards. :)

and i love all those fabrics LOL. the purples especially. :) and the reds, and the aquas. but they are ALL so pretty:)

Grace said...

This has been so fun to see all the creations you've come up and what a great idea to destash one's fabric! It's been a great motivator for me to do stuff with mine.:) My favorites were the bookmarks (especially the purple corner book mark...so cute!), the aprons of course, and the fabric boxes. My top 3 color choices are the oranges, the reds, and the purples.

pnglittlefield at gmail dot com

Sam said...

I love your aprons. They make me want to wear aprons, and I hate to cook! :-p

Colors- Reds, aquas, pinks.

faeriemom03 at yahoo.com

Charity said...

I love the aprons best, but I also adore the bookmarks! The journal covers are also very cool. :)

Some of this fabric is PERFECT for the quilt I'm about to start! So in order:

Sleen said...

The apron (French fabric) is my favorite. I also think the notebook covers are awesome.

The fabric choice for me would be the REDs but I have to say, it was a tough choice.

Angela said...

My favorites are your aprons and the tissue covers.

Colors are oranges, reds, purples. I want the orange music fabric. WANT IT! :)


Andrea said...

My favorite items are the meal/chore organizer and the decoupage letters.

The colors I like best are the aquas, pinks, and reds.

Funluvinchic on delphi

Katie said...
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Katie said...

The aprons of course! My top 3 are:



Elisabeth said...

Steph, you are amazing!!! I haven't visited in awhile and your creations are awesome!! My two big favorites are your journal covers (gorgeous) and your bag holder (functional and I need one now). I also love the pleated tote, fabric letters and votives. SO proud of you and awesome to see your creativity bloom!

I wish this was up two weeks ago when I was on the hunt for red and pink fabric (made butterfly wings like this: http://d30opm7hsgivgh.cloudfront.net/upload/255739143_DzWgkyWb_c.jpg.

My favorite 1. Aqua 2. Red 3. Pink

Linda said...

Wow - hard choice as I've loved everything you've made but the aprons and bookmarks and journal covers come to mind first!

Colours - I LOVE the purples. Alternate choices blues and pinks.


r1234567 said...

Aprons, of course. I also like the composite books and memo board.

Red, definitely.

Flynn's Mommy said...

I have an addiction to notebooks, so the journal covers are favorites (i was happy you did the bird fabric one right at payday. It is on my desk at work now! :)

I also love the magnet boards. What a great idea!

My color choices are red, purple and aqua.