Monday, September 26, 2011

Floral Fabric Creations and Winner!

Finally, the floral fabric is all used up!

For the giveaway item this week I made...

Some cute fabric covered button magnets! This was my first time making fabric covered buttons, it was fun.

Next I made, yes, another composition notebook cover, lol.(Sorry about the awful lighting! It was already dark but I was determined to get this post up today.)

See, I bought dozens of the composition notebooks when they were only 10 cents each on clearance! (I mean, with my serious paper love, how could I not??) So I've been trying to use them up, and I'm planning to have a nice large stock by the busy pre-Christmas shopping season. This time, though, I made a ruffly flower instead of my usual petal flowers.

I enjoyed playing with the fabric figuring out how to do that. :-) This one is up for sale here.

Finally, with most of the fabric I made...

a half apron, which a fun bunch of ruffly flowers on it.

I really love how the flower cluster turned out!

It's up for sale here.

And now for this week's winner...

LORI!! Congrats, I'll be contacting you shortly to get your mailing address. :-)

I'll be posting the next fabric choices ASAP, only 2 weeks left!


Linda said...

gorgeous! love the ruffle flowers

Melissa said...

Very pretty:) I love the button magnets- I never hav3e enough magnets!