Monday, March 21, 2011

Full Flouncy Aprons

Another new style I picked up besides the Olive Apron is one I call the Full Flouncy apron, because of the fun flounce on the bottom! I wanted a simple silhouette that hugged the curves and then flared out at the bottom. I went a bit crazy making these right before Christmas because they were so quick to put together! So I have quite a few in my Etsy shop now, including one made of oilcloth! Here are some examples: (This one has been sold!)


PNG said...

These aprons are SO cute! I love all the feminine flounces, bows, curves.:) I don't think I could ever do enough in the kitchen to warrant having an apron wardrobe because how could I choose just one from all of your designs! I think I'd just have to wear them around the house just for the fun of it.;)

Stephanie said...

Thanks so much! Honestly, I'm much more likely to put on an apron when working around the house than when cooking, lol! Kind of crazy, but it feels like a uniform and helps me keep on task around the house. :-)

PNG said...

I so get that!;)