Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Folklorico Aprons

One of my latest requests was to make a folklorico inspired apron which coordinated with this image of the Virgin of Guadelupe:

So I searched around for those lovely shades of green and peachy orange, found some I thought would work well, sewed yards and yards of ribbon onto yards and yards of ruffles, and this is the result. I didn't have a folklorico dancer handy so I pinned it up in the swirly motions mimicking the dancers to get the full effect. ;-)

Here it is un-pinned:

A close-up of some ruffles:

The waistband mimicks the border of leaves around the image:

I also made some matching half aprons for the littles in the house. :-)

It was fun to dream up! I hope she and the girls enjoy them.